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4 Things We Do Better



Efficiency drives everything we do at All-Penn Lawn Sprinklers. We believe every sprinkler system needs to be properly installed and configured so you don't waste time, effort or water. Our systems are designed to work reliably year after year, saving you time, money and water consumption, while providing beauty and curb appeal.


Quality Materials

Some sprinkler systems are doomed from the start, with mis-matched parts that aren't meant to work together. Not our systems! We work hard to ensure that every piece of equipment works harmoniously with the whole system for the best watering results and the least hassles. We start with quality materials, primarily from Hunter, a leader in home and commercial sprinkler system manufacturing.


Reasonable Pricing

We believe that a high-quality sprinkler system shouldn't break the bank. While our systems are comprised of high-quality materials, we think you'll find our installation fees are reasonable when compared to our competitors.


The Experience to Get It Right

We've spent years correcting problems we've found with poorly installed sprinkler systems. At All-Penn Sprinklers, we have the experience to get it right the first time and save our clients thousands of dollars on the mistakes made by other, less experienced contractors. We plan your system out from start to finish before we install a single component of the system. We check to make sure everything will work together well and that the water pressure is adequate before we begin. This saves you time and frustration down the road.

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